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Every time you walk through the door at Elm & Iron, you can begin to reimagine your space. We offer an eclectic collection of home furnishings, accessories, and décor. Each piece is a little pop of inspiration, each item reflects our passion for design.

Whether it’s your first, fifth, or tenth time at the store, you’re sure to find something new with every visit. Our team is always on the lookout for the next Elm & Iron product, and we’re always here to help you select the items that reflect your style and sensibility.

The ladies of Elm & Iron

… Who run the world? Girls! 
Who run the world? Girls! 
Who run the world? Girls! 
Who runs Elm & Iron Girls!

We believe Beyoncé said it best! 


Beyonce did say it best and we agree! Women are fantastic leaders. Give them a task and they will drive it home. Women are loyal, intelligent, work till you can't feel your hands kinda stuff, smarter (yup, we said it), pleasant to be around, self starters, and..badass. 

 Now, don't get us wrong....we love everyone who works for us. But for now, we are going to take a moment to appreciate our team of lady bosses.

Daniel McClurg, owner of Elm&Iron, shares only praise and admiration for his employees. 

"Let me tell you this group of ladies we have is so special and I am so proud that they help make up our team at Elm & Iron. "

Take a minute to see our amazing team of women! 




(Left) Alethea Yeisley  Designer/Store Merchandiser , Emily LaVoy,  Store Manager , Kate Boggs: LOFT  Store Manager,  Hollie Klem   Development   (Right)

(Left) Alethea Yeisley Designer/Store Merchandiser, Emily LaVoy, Store Manager, Kate Boggs: LOFT Store Manager, Hollie Klem  Development  (Right)


Address: 3475 N High St, Columbus, OH 43214

Hours:  10AM–6PM  Phone(614) 824-5611

(left) Shell Sindle,  Sales Associate , Emily LaVoy,  Store Manager,  Shanley O'Neil,  Sales Associate

(left) Shell Sindle, Sales Associate, Emily LaVoy, Store Manager, Shanley O'Neil, Sales Associate


Address: Elm & Iron Easton, 4170 Easton Gateway Dr, Columbus, OH 43219

Hours:  10AM–9PM  Phone(614) 428-1230

(Left )Elizabeth "Liz" Hernandez -  Sales Associate , Allison Mellor -  Sales Associate,  Sheri "Sherbear" Dillon -  Sales Associate,  Christina "Christine" Stonefield -  Sales Associate

(Left )Elizabeth "Liz" Hernandez - Sales Associate, Allison Mellor - Sales Associate, Sheri "Sherbear" Dillon - Sales Associate, Christina "Christine" Stonefield - Sales Associate


Address: 1326 Vine St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Hours:  11AM–8PM  Phone(513) 954-4217

(Left) Amaris Solis,  Sales Associate,  Kate Boggs: LOFT  Store Manager,  Caroline Koehler,  Sales Associate

(Left) Amaris Solis, Sales Associate, Kate Boggs: LOFT Store Manager, Caroline Koehler, Sales Associate

Cheers to you ladies and everything that you do!

Cheers to you ladies and everything that you do!

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Thank you for supporting a local business! We appreciate all of you! 

All photos are taken by Emma Parker Photography.

For more information, please contact, elmandiron@gmail.com

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