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Every time you walk through the door at Elm & Iron, you can begin to reimagine your space. We offer an eclectic collection of home furnishings, accessories, and décor. Each piece is a little pop of inspiration, each item reflects our passion for design.

Whether it’s your first, fifth, or tenth time at the store, you’re sure to find something new with every visit. Our team is always on the lookout for the next Elm & Iron product, and we’re always here to help you select the items that reflect your style and sensibility.

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7 Accent Light Fixtures: That Are Sure To Brighten Your Day

Whether you are looking to spruce up a room or provide your space with better light, light fixtures can complement your unique sense of style. Sometimes it is okay to think unconventional when it comes to light fixtures, go bold, go classy, just find a light fixture that works for you. We understand that it can be hard at times to visualize what light fixtures would be best in your space. So we provided a list of our top 7 accent lights that we think are just too hard to beat. 

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Elm & Iron: A Preview Into Our Four Stores..

In 2012, Daniel McClurg officially opened Elm & Iron. "I honestly didn't even know what I was going to put in the building, I just loved the look of it," Dan mentions during our tour of his Riverview Farm.  "The Clintonville Elm & Iron wasn't even the full building at that time," Dan says. Today, Dan has expanded to four Elm & Iron stores. The company is now sourcing from local businesses as well as items from vendors such as; furniture, accessories, and home decor for people, businesses, and brands across Ohio

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