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Every time you walk through the door at Elm & Iron, you can begin to reimagine your space. We offer an eclectic collection of home furnishings, accessories, and décor. Each piece is a little pop of inspiration, each item reflects our passion for design.

Whether it’s your first, fifth, or tenth time at the store, you’re sure to find something new with every visit. Our team is always on the lookout for the next Elm & Iron product, and we’re always here to help you select the items that reflect your style and sensibility.

Greyson Augustine Swivel Chair

The Greyson Augustine Swivel Chair might be a new favorite of ours. This modern update on a classic library chair provides texture and comfort. Pictured below is the Orly Natural color option, however, it also comes in a beautiful Sapphire Navy. 


W: 32" D: 34" H: 26.5"   $699.00

Color Options:  Orly Natural (pictured) or Sapphire Navy

Greyson Augustine Swivel Chair

Local Delivery or pick up options available. Please contact our Easton store at, (614) 428-1230 or email us at, elmandiron@gmail.com

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Prices are subject to change.

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All photos are taken by Emma Parker Photography.

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Sign Sign, Everywhere a Sign

Let's talk about preserving history! And thanks to the, Five Man Electrical Band for that catchy little tune that we will now have stuck in my head for the rest of the afternoon. Signs can be a great conversation piece, beautiful wall art, or a statement in your home. We have so many great signs at elm & IRON, and we wanted to let you in on some of the ones we know you'll just love! 

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Spotlight: Patrick Demkovich

Patrick Demkovich is going on his 2nd year of working at elm & IRON and we couldn't be more thrilled. Becoming the Warehouse Manager, mechanizer (ya that's a word..), making deliveries, and doing all the heavy lifting ain't easy.  Patrick's special attention to detail and his work ethic are among some of his most positive attributes.  

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We've Sprung Forward: The New Warehouse

We wanted to keep you in the loop as to how the project is unfolding, and we have decided to show you a little behind the scenes photos of what we have accomplished thus far. As for what's to come.. a new paint job.. reworking the inside with a little bit of love... organizing our fantastic new pieces.. and getting it ready for some exciting events! Make sure to stay tuned for more updates! We are excited to show you a little behind the scene photos of what we have accomplished thus far in our elm & IRON warehouse, and what's to come.. new paint job.. reworking the inside with paint and a little bit of love.. organizing the warehouse.. and getting it ready for some exciting events! Stay tuned! 

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